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Blog by Jennifer Volk

Hello, ladies and germs! (Remember when cartoons shouted that out as a normal catchphrase? Good times.) I am here to give you all the answers you so desire (That’s a bit inflammatory, not to be taken seriously)! About what, exactly?

I’m sure many of you have heard about the “trendy topic” of global warming (more precisely, climate change). This isn’t a debate site or any government-funded institution (because what’s more professional than relating people to cumulative bacteria?). It’s just going to be about my adventure(s) in life, with some necessary background information about things I find important like the environment, technology, and animals—lots of fluffy animals (which is always a good way to end a paragraph).

Although this isn’t a rallying site, I do advocate one motto: that we—that is, everyone on this planet—have a part in taking care of each other. Because if we didn’t look out for each other, we wouldn’t have families or friends. And this family, of course, isn’t all human; it includes our loving pets and the birds that sing to us a new morning and the worms that help grow our food and even the flies and ants that help the degradation process of the food we don’t consume.

So this is our goal: let the word be spread. You’re never more than a mouse click away from the other side of the world.

Whether you believe in evolution or creationism, we all came from one thing. We are all brother and sister, and regardless of our morals, beliefs, traditions, or tendencies to study at the library for too long so that your parents tell you that you need to spend more time with your friends, we can all respect each other and look after each other to see that we are all healthy and happy fellows. And it all starts with you.

I’d leave my name here as convention dictates, but if you didn’t pay attention to my name at the top of this short blurb then it’s not needed.